New Toyota Alphard Price 2022

New Toyota Alphard Price 2022

New Toyota Alphard Price 2022, Engrave Your Every Path With A True Leader! Toyota has launched The Superior Executive Alphard 3.5L. Is Toyota Alphard so special? The Alphard has a solid reputation for reliability. Many of its components are shared with other more common models, so parts are easy and cheap to source. It is often classified as a luxury car in Southeast Asian markets. Immerse yourself in this exploration of Alphards’ on the road prices in every region.

Peninsular Malaysia

Alphard 3.5L’s retailing cost begins from MYR 464,000.00.


In Sabah, Alphard 3.5L is available for MYR 465,740.60.


Are you a Sarawakian? You may own Alphard 3.5L for MYR 465,790.60.


Toyota Alphard model offers one and only Alphard 3.5L at affordable cost which exudes pure elegance in every form. Contact nearest Toyota showroom and book your Alphard!

“As long as you travel far enough, the more you will meet yourself, and the more you will discover new possibilities, and the more you will capture the essence of life’s undeniable facts. Once you set a goal, then no distance is lengthy and no road is painful”.

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New Toyota Alphard Price 2022
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