Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV


Perodua Aruz – 7 Seater SUV has officially launched by Perodua.This makes it one of the best value SUVs today.

The Perodua Aruz 7 Seater SUV has taken a new direction by stepping up initiatives to meet the needs and wants of Perodua customers. Perodua President and CEO Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad said “Perodua expresses our gratitude to all our valued customers. Their feedback helped us remodel Aruz to meet the real needs and wants of the majority of Malaysians ”.

He added, “Perodua Aruz is the best-selling SUV for the local market with 60,000 units of Aruz sold since its production in 2019. However, we believe there is always a better improvement.”

Perodua still maintains the principle of “affordable vehicles”. All Perodua models are not only affordable in terms of price but also in terms of fuel, maintenance, spare parts, and resale value.

In this article, I will share the exciting features of the Perodua Aruz which make it the best choice to own.




Perodua released two variants for the Perodua Aruz, namely the X variant and the AV variant. As for color, there are five attractive color options for Perodua Aruz, namely Electric Blue, Granite Gray, Glittering Silver, Ivory White, and Passion Red. For Passion Red, it is only available for the AV variant.

Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV


Both variants share the same 1.5-liter 2NR-VE natural aspiration four-cylinder engine, offering 102 PS at 6,000 rpm and 133 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm. The Dual VVT-i plant sends the drive to the rear wheels via a four-speed 4E-AT automatic transmission, and has a rated fuel consumption of 15.6 km/l (6.4 l/100 km) with the Eco Idle system.

It is a kind of car made with dynamic driving as well as an engine that can operate at high rpm for comfort, also equipped with sophisticated equipment and very fun to drive on long journeys in a relaxed state. Aruz uses very minimal fuel and can traverse the road surface comfortably and safely.


The use of key LED lighting technology results in neater LED technology by connecting the guiding light and connecting it with the chrome finish of the Perodua logo. The Aruz engine and gearbox are mounted vertically and engine power will be channeled to the rear wheels using a propeller shaft (solid shaft). This arrangement is known as FR (front-engine, reel wheel drive) where the engine is mounted on the front and routed to the rear wheels.

The result of the dashboard design is more artistic with curves that visually look more prominent and in line with the tastes of Malaysians. Aruz’s color packaging also looks more attractive. While the color gamut looks dark in some parts, Perodua’s special designers have incorporated a flash metal element that has managed to elevate the Aruz dashboard series.


Among the advantages of Aruz’s interior design are as follow:

  • Steering can be adjusted up and down.
  • The height of the driver’s seat is adjustable.
  • The speed limit meter and RPM meter are toned, but bright enough under the scorching sun
  • Gear knob parallel to hand.
  • The second row of seats can be pushed forward or backward. Even the backrest can be tilted at a 60 -degree angle. Comfortable for long-distance travel.
  • Goods hanger on the second row of seats.
  • Smart Tag System (built-in)
  • Digital air conditioning switch with memory system.
  • Keyless entry system and ‘push start’ button.
  • LED front light with “Follow me Home” function with automatic start sensor. (The lights will be on

automatically when it is dark)

  • Air-conditioning unit in the second row of seats.
  • Digital travel recorder unit, mounted on the windshield.
  • Second seat folding function with only one switch.
  • All seats have headrests.
  • Lighting on a switch mounted on the steering wheel when the lights are on.
  • Air-conditioning funnel in the dashboard section specifically for rear passengers.
  • “Sun visor” mirror with lighting.
  • Gear knob with “gated shift”.
  • Tire changing emergency equipment is stored under the front seats to maximize space.
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV


For car selection, you must also prioritize strict and efficient safety selection. The Perodua Aruz 7 Seater SUV comes with advanced ASA 2.0 safety technology to help you detect and prevent potential hazards on the road, so you can feel confident everytime you are on road.

The main component of the ASA 2.0 is the stereo camera. It is mounted on the front camera to detect obstacles in the front. It has four main functions that help in various situations. Among them are Pre-Collision Warning (PCW), Pre-Collision Braking (PCB), Front Departure Alert (FDA), and Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC).

Pre-Collision Warning (PCW) serves to alert the driver when it detects the risk of a collision in the front at speeds between 4 to 80km/h and 4 to 50km/h for pedestrians.

The Pre-Collision Brake (PCB) will be activated if you do not stop the vehicle as soon as the warning is sounded. This system will activate the first brake called the main brake. It will slow down the vehicle by braking slowly. If the system identifies that a violation is unavoidable, the secondary brake will be activated and the car automatically will be stopped completely.

The Forward Movement Warning (FDA) function allows the driver to know when the vehicle in the front has moved. It will detect vehicles within 10 meters ahead of your vehicle.

Next is Pedal Error Control (PMC). The PMC controls engine power when the driver accidentally depressed the oil pedal. A stereo camera detects obstacles 4 meters in front of your car. When you press the oil pedal, the PMC system will withhold engine power and prevent the car from moving forward.

Among the other security features that are also provided are as follow:

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Hill start assistance
  • Downhill control
  • Emergency stop signal
  • Seat belt reminders for all seven seats
  • ISOFIX child seat retainer on the outer second-row seat
  • 6 Airbags
  • ABS with EBD and brake assistance
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV



The body price for the Perodua Aruz starts from RM 72,580.00 for the X variant while the premium variant is sold at RM77,580.00. All these prices are expected prices for Peninsular Malaysia, on roads without insurance and related taxes. If insurance and tax are included, the estimated price is RM75,218.15 for the X variant, while RM80,355.95 for the AV variant.

New Aruz Price 2022


In conclusion, for those looking for SUV for comfort and self-sufficiency, the Perodua Aruz is the best choice for those with a family and also the top as it includes adequate safety features, engine power range, proven specifications, and package value at affordable price for you to own.


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