HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Honda Accord 2022 Malaysia – AN HEIR OF 10TH GENERATION

Honda Accord 2022 Malaysia is finally here. The Honda Accord gives mesmerizing presence on road. At a glance, its performance intrigues everyone on its way. Can’t wait to know more about it? For sure, you will get excited!



HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Impressive leather-trimmed seats with sufficient headroom and legroom.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

No need to view on meter display and monitor your vehicle’s information anymore. Stay focused on road.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Whether you want to maximize fuel economy or rev up your driving experience, the Accord offers you the best of both worlds.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Set your volume high and enjoy every moment a beauty for the senses.


HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Create a strong aesthetic statement.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia

Features a sleek, modern design.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia



Smart Parking Assist System

Steers into the tightest parking space automatically with a smart system which calculates space boundaries.


A full suite of 8 advanced driver assistive technologies that notices what you miss, empowering you with more confidence and secure on road than ever before.

HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia HONDA ACCORD 2022 Malaysia



Honda Accord has two types of models, namely 1.5TC and 1.5TC-P. Below are the differences between them.



Peninsular Malaysia

In Peninsular Malaysia, Accord 1.5 TC is available for MYR 187,400.00, whereas Accord 1.5 TC-P is rated at MYR 197,400.00.

Sabah & Sarawak

According to the pricing chart in East Malaysia, retail price without insurance of Accord 1.5 TC is MYR 189,400.00. However, the worth of Accord 1.5 TC-P begins from MYR 199,168.00.

Note: The prices stated above are subject to change.


Honda Accord 2022 Malaysia reflects your style. If you wish to uplift your standard of living, Accord would be the best choice. Be the owner of Accord, success will be your Record.

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