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Our Site Allows Sales Advisor To Promote Their Services By Region Modestly & Conveniently

Who We Are?

SalesAdvisor.my connects thousands of trusted Sales Advisor in Malaysia every month by delivering remarkable user capability on the site.

Malaysian can find authorized sales advisor for each automotive brand to purchase or trade-in via SalesAdvisor.my

We believe in the transformative power of technology and want to change to the better world by providing a platform to connect buyers and dealer within one platform.

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What We Do?

To connect internet users across the region SalesAdvisor.my offers a one-stop online service experience that provides a wide selection of Trusted Sales Advisor by state and various car brand.

Using SalesAdvisor.my, it will aggressively follow the technology, we believe we can build stronger relationships, bridging distances between people, innovation and create stronger connections to a better future for mobility.

As a part of SalesAdvisor.my, our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere and anytime. We guarantee by giving sales advisor, this platform able to reach a global audience for their product, and also helping buyers find their dream car quickly and efficiently.

Attracting new customers online is the ultimate goal of any web shop and it requires a well thought-out marketing strategies, in order to strengthen the brand’s online reputation. The digital sapphire is expose to numerous changes, and the possibilities for expanding the business and attracting new potential customer are endless.

Trust us, website design also is a crucial factor for success. If the website isn’t designed well potential customers will turn around and slam the virtual door. It only takes three seconds for the client to bring the key decision after visiting our site. So the first impression can easily be the last.

We are dedicated and committed to beyond your expectations and preserving your loyalty.

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