New Nissan Price List 2022

New Nissan Price List 2022


New Nissan Price List 2022 exclusively for you.

All-New Nissan Almera

Nissan has launched 3 futuristic variants of All-New Nissan Almera with distinguish features. 1.0L Turbo VL, 1.0 Turbo VLP, and 1.0L Turbo VLT are the latest All-New Nissan Almera variants.

Let’s have a look on the prices of these variants with sales tax exemption. 1.0L Turbo VL costs RM 83,888, while the retailing price of 1.0 Turbo VLP begins from RM 89,888. 1.0L Turbo VLT’s worth evaluated for RM 95,888.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail is now available in 3 brand-new variants with advanced technologies. 2.0L 2WD, 2.0L 2WD MID, and 2.0L HYBRID are the sensational versions of Nissan X-Trail.

With sales tax exemption, the value of 2.0L 2WD starts from RM 136,888. Besides that, the market demand for 2.0L 2WD MID and 2.0L HYBRID are RM 149,888 and RM 159,888.

New Nissan Navara

2.5L SE M/T, 2.5L SE A/T, 2.5L V A/T, 2.5L VL A/T, and 2.5L PRO -4X A/T are the available models of New Nissan Almera. They rock a new look, never bend in the face of adventure!

The estimated selling price without sales tax of 2.5L SE M/T and 2.5L SE A/T are RM 111,050 and RM 120,600. On the other hand, 2.5L V A/T’s fee is starting from RM 130,600, whereas, 2.5L VL A/T is available for RM 142,900. If you want to try 2.5L PRO -4X A/T, you may get it for RM 148,600.

Nissan Serena S-Hybrid

Nissan Serena, Simply Magical has come up with 2 new marvelous variants, Highway Star, Premium Highway Star Package.

Without inserting insurance and sales tax, Highway Star is evaluated at RM 149,888. Premium Highway Star Package costs RM 162,888.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan has initiated the greatest revolutionary Nissan Leaf with more range than ever.

You may own Nissan Leaf for RM 175,888 with sales tax exemption.


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