New Hyundai Price List 2022

New Hyundai Price List 2022, Especially For You!

New Hyundai Price List 2022



  • Smartstream G1.6 Premium

A powerful, restless optimism, motivating the next generation of curious innovators to change the rules, change the game, change the world.

The body price of Smartstream G1.6 Premium starts from MYR 168,888.00.

Santa FE R 2.2 CRDi

  • Executive S.E.
  • Executive Plus S.E.

There is a different car for each kind of family. And all of them have one name: the All-New Santa Fe.

The body price of Executive S.E. is MYR 196,888.00, however Executive Plus S.E is available for MYR 215,888.00.


The all-new Sonata is winning hearts and minds with its advanced technologies that actually care for your well-being. Its advanced driver assistance technologies work invisibly behind the scenes to liberate you from the worries and stress of driving and make you a smarter, better and safer driver.

The Sonata 2.5 Premium costs MYR 189,888.


Prepare to embark on a new journey into the revolutionary space of STARIA, where you will travel in maximum comfort, and spend life-enriching moments.

Staria 2.2 Premium costs MYR 366,768 in Malaysia.


  • 2.0
  • 2.0 Active
  • 1.6 Turbo
  • 1.6 N Line

One look and you can tell that the new Kona is slightly ahead of its time. Its design innovation done just right.

Kona 2.0 can be purchased for MYR 124,188.00, while Kona 2.0 Active is evaluated at MYR 141,328.00. On the other hand, the prices Kona 1.6 Turbo and Kona 1.6 N Line are starting from MYR 150,888.00 and MYR 161,388.00.


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