New Toyota Harrier Price 2022

New Toyota Harrier Price 2022

New Toyota Harrier Price 2022, Luxury D-Segment SUV! Toyota has launched fresh futuristic Harrier 2.0 Luxury. The Harrier gets many things right and ticks a lot of premium boxes in the process. The radical redesign creates a strong presence, as it looks unlike most cars on the road today. Immerse yourself in this exploration of Harriers’ on the road prices in every region.

Peninsular Malaysia

Harrier 2.0 Luxury’s body price begins from MYR 259,000.00.


In Sabah, Harrier 2.0 Luxury is available for MYR 261,465.40.


Are you a Sarawakian? In Sarawak, you may own Harrier 2.0 Luxury for MYR 261,515.40.


Luxurious, Powerful, Technologically Advanced! Toyota Harrier model offers 1 and only Harrier 2.0 Luxury at affordable cost. Contact nearest Toyota showroom and book your Harrier!

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New Toyota Harrier Price 2022
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