PERODUA BEZZA Review Malaysia

This page displays Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia. The Perodua brand has now officially launched the new look Perodua Bezza 2020 with improvements in terms of specifications, safety, handling, and comfort. This comes five days after its booking book opened and three and a half years since it started occupying the local market.

Bezza had a strong level of stability with 184,000 units sold in its early stages of production at that time. Now, Bezza is once again appearing with the ASA 2.0 version and using the (facelift) version to remain relevant in the local market.

“We are confident that Perodua Bezza 2020 can achieve our goal of selling 4000 units on average every month,” said Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad on the opening day. So, what are the interesting attractions about this Bezza 2020?


In this release of Bezza 2020, Perodua has made few changes to the front design with a thinner and sharper LED front light design. Also, comes with a new bumper and an eye-catching matching grill as well. On the sides, a dual-tone side skirt complements the left and right of the Bezza to make it more sporty and elegant.

On the rear design, it is still the same as the previous model. Only the rear bumper has been lengthened slightly and the diffuser is made larger.




One step you take into this 2020 Bezza, you will see the interior of the cabin which uses leather semi-bucket type seats and a white meter panel. A multimedia system with navigation and         smartlink connection for android devices is also included in the interior design of this Perodua Bezza.

Perodua still maintains the quality of the steering wheel with the same leather finish, but the dashboard design on the front passenger panel is adorned with silver encircling the infotainment unit. Among the other basic equipments offered include keyless entry, push start button, led lights, alloy rims, beautiful body kit with two color tones, reversing sensor, and safety features such as ABS and EBD.

Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia



Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia also covers safety measures which have been prioritized in this model. Bezza has upgraded its safety features on the Bezza AV by bringing the ASA 2.0 feature, which is an advanced safety assist. The main component of the ASA 2.0 is the stereo camera. It is mounted on the front camera to detect obstacles in the front. It has four main functions that help in different situations. Among them are Pre-Collision Warning (PCW), Pre-Collision Braking (PCB), Front Departure Alert (FDA), and Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC).

Pre-Collision Warning (PCW) serves to alert the driver when it detects the risk of a collision in the front at speeds between 4 to 80km/h and 4 to 50km/h for pedestrians.

The Pre-Collision Brake (PCB) will be activated if you do not stop the vehicle as soon as the warning is sounded. This system will activate the first brake called the main brake. It will slow down the vehicle by braking slowly. If the system identifies that a violation is unavoidable, the secondary brake will be activated and the car automatically will be stopped completely.

The Forward Movement Warning (FDA) function allows the driver to know when the vehicle ahead has moved. It will detect vehicles within 10 meters ahead of your vehicle.

Next is Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC). The PMC controls engine power when the driver accidentally depressed the oil pedal. A stereo camera detects obstacles 4 meters in front of your car. When you press the oil pedal, the PMC system will withhold engine power and prevent the car from moving forward.

ABS or anti-lock braking systems focus on technology that can prevent the brakes from locking, distribute the braking force evenly to all four tires and use the brakes to help the driver control the vehicle better.

EBD is an electronic brake force distribution that helps enhance vehicle handling. If you’re driving too fast in corners and start to lose control i.e. the steering wheel is rotated, but the vehicle fails to follow the direction of steering rotation, here the EBD system will activate the brake input according to the wheel requirements.

That is, this EBD system will apply brakes on tires that lack traction, and absorb torque to restore vehicle control. The system works fast and efficiently enough that most drivers themselves cannot keep track of how it operates. This is because the EBD works automatically every time the brake is pressed.

Among the other features available on the Bezza AV 2020 are:

  • TRC
  • U.S. Security System 2.0
  • Hill Climb Assistance (HSA).


Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia



The Bezza 1.3 gets a four-cylinder engine that matches the Dual VVT-i, producing 94 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The engine now spins more smoothly, the sound is quieter, and almost no vibration can be felt. Perodua has used a simple 4-speed automatic but you’re sure to feel the shock of the shift even if you’re just accelerating slowly.

This gearbox is also pretty smart and responds quickly to inputs, like dropping one or two gears to cut, and it’s definitely more responsive than the old CVT.


The Perodua Bezza comes in three variants, namely the G, X, and AV variants. If you want to enjoy a manual car but looks sporty, Bezza has come up with a 1.0G variant with a manual version as well. As for color, six color options stand out, namely Ivory White, Garnet Red, Glittering Silver, Granite Gray, Ocean Blue, and also Sugar Brown. For me, Perodua attaches great importance to color variation in each of its productions because the colors it produce are very attractive and meet the tastes of Malaysians.




In this uncertain economic situation, price selection is a matter of priority if one wants to buy something. Surely, we want to buy something worth the price.  I would like to inform you in advance, the price listed is not included with insurance and road tax.

New Bezza Price 2022


Finally, the Perodua Bezza is the first sedan from Perodua. With a spacious rear bonnet and also economical fuel consumption, it is well worth owning because of its very competitive and cheap price. Perodua Automobile Sdn. Bhd. also still tops the chart of the highest vehicle sales data in Malaysia as of November 2019. To maintain this momentum, Perodua has opened the curtain on this year 2020 by introducing a facelifted version of Perodua Bezza 2020 model.

So, what’s your point of view regarding Perodua Bezza Review Malaysia article? Kindly leave your feedback in the comment box.

Besides Bezza, Perodua has recently launched new Axia models. Go to Sales Advisor Website for further info.

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