New Toyota Camry Price 2022

New Toyota Camry Price 2022

New Toyota Camry Price 2022, Exquisite Dominance! Toyota has launched brand-new luxurious Camry 2.5V. Toyota Camry has won many awards. According to US News & World Report, The 2021 Toyota Camry Was Named Best Midsize Car for the Money. Moreover, 2021 Camry Was Named Best Resale Value in Its Class by Kelley Blue Book’s Immerse yourself in this exploration of Camry’s on the road price in every region.

Peninsular Malaysia

Camry 2.5V’s retailing cost begins from MYR 209,800.00.


In Sabah, Camry 2.5V is available for MYR 211,960.50.


Are you a Sarawakian? You may own Camry 2.5V for MYR 212,010.50.


Toyota Camry model offers 1 and only Camry 2.5V at affordable cost which tastes your superiority. Contact nearest Toyota showroom and book your Camry!

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New Toyota Camry Price 2022
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