New Mercedes-Benz Price List 2022

New Mercedes-Benz Price List 2022, Begin Your Journey Here!

New Mercedes-Benz Price List 2022

A-Class Hatchback 

Mercedes-Benz has launched A-Class Hatchback Compact Saloon. The Mercedes-AMG 45 S 4MATIC+(Hatchback) model represents an ideal point of entry to the world of Mercedes-AMG as well as absolute peak performance.

Under private registration, Mercedes-AMG 45 S 4MATIC+(Hatchback) is now available for MYR 481,888.00, however it costs MYR 482,463.00 under company registration.

A-Class Saloon

The A-Class Saloon is simply smarter. The new A 200 Progressive Line provides the ideal introduction to the world of dynamic elegant driving performance.

Under private registration, A 200 Progressive Line is now available for MYR 229,888.00, however it costs MYR 230,308.00 under company registration.

C-Class Saloon

The C-Class Saloon is your personal universe. A new generation of C-Class Saloon, C 200 Avantgarde sets standards to the entire automotive industry. It has more innovative driving systems with complete comfort.

Under private registration, C 200 Avantgarde is now available for MYR 299,888.00, however it costs MYR 300,328.00 under company registration.


GLC 200 AMG Line, the most famous Mercedes-Benz SUV in Malaysia. A great new cockpit, an even more striking SUV design, and outstanding ride comfort await you.

Under private registration, GLC 200 AMG Line is evaluated starting at MYR 313,888.00, however it costs MYR 314,088.00 under company registration.


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